Friday, November 18, 2011

Today We Created...

My daughter and I stayed home from school and work today. We were both feeling the effects of a very long week and were both snuffly, sneezing and generally feeling ick. My girl rested and played, and I rested and created. Suffice to say, it's been a loooooong day and I'm glad it's almost over.

Yesterday's foray into watercolour pencils went by the way side today with me giving up on the pencils and getting my paints out. It was an easy enough thing to do while resting, and it was very relaxing. Plus I was getting jack of the pencils and wasn't liking the result. So, here is what eventuated -

I'm not quite finished, but I'm very pleased with the result. The support is my visual diary, and I'm actually considering starting up an art journal after today's efforts.

My abstract painting

Miss 7's abstract painting
I gave my girl the opportunity to design and do a "creation" with paints today (she didn't finish it), and then to finish off a painting that she'd started a month ago for her bedroom. It didn't happen, so I finished it for her. This left lots of left over paint on the palette so I had a go at an abstract, and once she saw me using the squirty bottle for the black paint, of course she wanted to join in. I must say that I love - no, make that LOVE - her painting, and it's now hanging up right beside the front door. I'm so proud of her, and she said later that she really enjoys doing the messy paintings! Gotta love her!

So, that's AEDM for today. I'm pleased with today's creations!


  1. Your daughter's abstract painting is wonderful, Paula!

    Your art is lovely too. Isn't it amazing how the addition of black can really live a piece?! Art journals are so much fun...I would highly recommend them.

    Sorry you weren't feeling the greatest today. I hope the weekend will bring you more rest and healing.

    Happy creating,
    Serena :)

  2. I am loving seeing your art here Paula. You are so talented. Signed, Your #1 fan xoxoxo

  3. Wonderful art!!!Those pieces of art -the ones you make together - are treasures. Some of my fondest memories with my girls is of when we made things together.

  4. I love using black to bring a work to life... I think people get a bit scared of it... but I love using it... love those wagging days as well... such fun in playing hooky together

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  6. I LOVE the Gold with the black and the red. Very striking and appealing!!!!!!!!