Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chicken Bird...

Haha, yes, that's what I've called this little friend. I drew this funny little fella today at work, and as my days creating cannot be posted online the bird is all I have on offer.

My Christmas painting for my overseas friend is coming along nicely. I had a very tearful moment tonight after I'd worked in some detail and realised that I can actually paint, and I'm really good. Haha! So yes, I have amazed myself.

I did some research for the other Christmas painting that I'll be doing. My next commission. It will be a large painting so I needed something that "snapped". The person who has commissioned it felt the "snap" today when I shared with them my idea. Phew!

Another creative day ends. I can't wait to get back to it tomorrow night. After church, that is! Oh, and I'm going to my first art demo on Saturday afternoon. It will be on acrylics (my medium of choice), splatter and glazing. I am excited!

Happy creating, Paula xo


  1. Your chicken bird has lots of personality! I can see him developing creatively in multiple directions. My post today also involved birds...must be the season. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Yes, your chicken bird does have attitude! Glad to hear your painting is coming along well and, yes, you are a talented artist.

    Have fun with the demo tomorrow,

    Serena :)

  3. Haha is the bestest little chicken bird :0) So glad to hear that your paintings are progressing well.