Monday, November 7, 2011

Art Every Day Month...

I've decided to participate in "Art Every Day Month" which was started by Leah at "Creative Every Day" as a way for artists to enjoy community, create something artistic every day, etc. Leah describes it better here.

I figured that since I've been doing some type of "artsy" thing every day this month that I may as well join AEDM.  The drawing below is a sketch I started last night of a bracelet I bought last week. It's a leather bracelet with the word 'believe' in silver (see a photo here).

I've started drawing a 1930s style theme on the top, which I've taken from a book of patterns from that decade. I'll also add another 1930s style pattern to the bottom. Once finished, I'm hoping to get this on canvas, or another support, to hang in my house.

Please also check out some other AEDM participant blogs here. There are so many here that my mind was blown when I scrolled down the list.

Paula xo


  1. Yay, definitely worth coming to join, I thought the same seeing as I make something every day anyhow. Looking forward to seeing more your work, thanks for sharing, Jennibellie x

  2. Great sketch ~ love your style ~ enjoy ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor and Share the Journey) Happy AEDM ^_^

  3. Your bracelet sounds lovely. Nice work.
    Gwen xx

  4. A lovely sketch!

    Happy AEDM,


  5. I'm really liking what you have done there :)