Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The title of this post is the hash tag I'm using on Twitter when posting photos of my latest creations. Yes, this Christmas is going to be a "handmade Christmas", ie everything will either be made by me or bought by another artist. I'm going with this mantra -

Aside from working on some coats of paint on stretched canvas and canvas on board last night, my other handmade effort has been preparing Christmas cards tonight. I bought some simple empty photo cards and scrap booking paper with a Christmas and/or red/green feel to it.

I cut the scrap booking paper down to fit in the empty photo card. As I'm a frugal, aka ikey/stingy, Christmas card giver (I usually send out an e-card created by me using a photo of my daughter and I with some photo art on it) I'll only be giving out 8 of these little beauties this year.

I then got out some silver paint and clear glitter paint and practiced stencilling letters and painting words. I will need a lot more practice as I am a rank amateur in the stencilling stakes, but kind of OK in the painting letter stakes!

I'm enjoying doing AEDM even though I'm only on Day 3 with everyone else being on Day 9. Love. Ing. It!

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  1. I totally approve of your ''frugal'' theme. They will be very well received I expect.
    Gwen xx