Friday, November 25, 2011

Four Weeks...

Yes, it's four weeks until Christmas will be upon us. For me that means celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This year I've decided that it's a handmade Christmas. Everything I give must either be made by me, or bought from someone who has handmade it. So far I'm on track.

I'm notoriously bad for being slack about sending out Christmas cards. Usually I'll send out an e-card, which I make myself using a photo of my daughter and I with some photo art on it. This year, however, I've opted for scrapbooking paper, stencils and sparkles, and maybe some other embellishments. The photo shows my progress so far. Very basic!

Tonight I worked on one of my 'secret squirrel' Christmas paintings, which I absolutely LOVE! I can't wait to work on it some more tomorrow after I decide on some more colours.

Happy creating, Paula xo


  1. I'm also attempting to have a handmade Christmas. I fear I may have left it a little late, does require some planning, doesn't it? Your scrapbook cards look fab. I'm planning on designing a linocut to print Xmas cards.

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see the Secret Squirrel paintings!! Love to see your progress on your cards, too. Brava to you for making such unique greetings!

    This is my Art Every Day Month Check In!

  3. It's beautiful!! Great work. A handmade Christmas sounds like a great idea to me.