Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making Moves...

Yesterday was a good day. Not only did I start "Art Every Day Month" aka AEDM but I also got to "meet" some other artists. I joined in on Day 7, but as Leah from Creative Every Day has said, it doesn't matter when we start, but that we start!

I am thoroughly enjoying my foray into being an artist. I feel odd calling myself that, and I use that term loosely, but given that people want to buy my art, I guess that's what I am!

I found this on Facebook and
liked it so much I had to share!
Yesterday at lunch I added some more 1930s pattern to my 'believe' sketch. I'm taking my inspiration from a book and hoping that I can incorporate enough 'me' into the drawing to make it mine. I also bought two tubes of paint after work ... just because!

Last night after sitting at my laptop looking at other AEDM blog pages and tweaking mine, I finally got around to tidying up what I affectionately call "The Blue Room" so I can turn it into an art studio of sorts. "The Blue Room" is the spare bedroom and it's - yes - painted blue. The only part of the room that isn't painted blue is the ceiling (the joys of renting). I will be sad whenever I have to say goodbye to "The Blue Room" though, and will take the name with me to my next abode.

This photo shows my desk that has all my paints, brushes and junk on it. The next task will be sorting it out into a workable creative space. Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Paula and welcome to AEDM... I love the look of your hjournal and the blue room... my studio has been a slow evolution and I am finally getting it to a place that is a wonderful retreat... Glad to have another Brisbanite on board and you should pop down to Wynnum and check out The Collective Store next time you are down this way . Leonie has the most wonderful store full of hand crafted goodness.... you would love it I am sure xx

  2. Hi Paula, my art room is blue too! So great to make space for your art, whether physical or on your blog! Your "Believe' sketch looks great!