Sunday, November 27, 2011


Today I worked on a few projects: a commission, Christmas cards, and completing one of my 'secret squirrel' Christmas gifts. And it was so wonderful to finish it! All I need to do now is sign and varnish it, then it's off to the post office.

I'm looking forward to adding the dot detail to the triptych in the photo, and also starting the other 'secret squirrel' Christmas gift. It's going to be huge, literally. I hope I haven't taken on more than I can paint!

I received news today of the opportunity to have a regular monthly stall at a new little market that i2 due to start in February. Time to put my thinking cap on and start creating some goodies to sell.

Happy creating, Paula xo


  1. The triptych is looking great, Paula! I hope the stall opportunity goes well for you. It will certainly keep you busy ~ :)

  2. Congratulations on your all the hard work will start.
    have fun anyway!