Monday, November 28, 2011

Creativity is Good!

Today 'Alice' arrived at our house. Alice has come to my daughter courtesy of Jenn over at The Blissful Brush . Jenn didn't know what to name the painting and asked for ideas on her FB. My girl was the winner! So, thank you Jenn. And while Alice isn't in the most suitable from, my daughter was pleased to see her tonight, announcing that, "Oh, Alice has arrived."

I have also bought and won other prints over the last month, so I spent time tonight putting a few of these up at home. I can't wait to buy more frames now!

The other piece of creativity today was speaking with the friend who has commissioned the second 'secret squirrel' Christmas painting. I can't wait to get started!

Speaking of creativity, please pop on over to my friend Jo's blog at Princess Warrior Lessons as a guest blogger shares how creativity has helped her rise from depression and anxiety. You will LOVE the post! Creativity IS good and it WILL improve your mental health! I'm testament to that!

Happy creating, Paula xo


  1. She is such a bright and colourful Alice, she looks really cool in your frame:)

  2. Alice looks lovely and I love filling my house with all that creative energy that comes from having your own work around you as well as other art... so glad you loved the collective store... it is a great little venue and full of wonderful things isn't it ...xx