Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sales, Projects and New Works...

Well, it has been a VERY LONG TIME since I last posted anything here. For those whom I'm connected with on Facebook, either on my profile, art page or in the various art groups I post to, you would have seen my recent works. For those who aren't, here is your chance!

I've sold one painting, completed another, worked on many other small pieces and worked on finishing an art class project. Below are photos of some of these:

Floating Flowers (SOLD)
Fantasy Fish (new work - NOT FOR SALE)

Be Free to be She (Art class piece - NOT FOR SALE)
I will be working on a few new pieces in the upcoming months, as well as participating in Flora Bowley's online e-course, Bloom True. I am VERY excited about that and can't wait to start and see where this course takes me.

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