Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And Now For Some Mixed Media...

Tonight Miss7 and I sat down together in The Blue Room and got creative. She did a delightful bird painting (mixed media, of course), which I am going to get her to expand on tomorrow night. I created the painting above.

I had some yellow oxide leftover on my palette after finishing "Rustic Moroccan Mystique" (finally!) and needed to use it up. Miss 7 had a lot of fun rubbing down the canvas after I roughly applied the paint. I really like the effect on the background.

Anyhoo...the dragonfly came from a homemade greeting card that my sister-in-law made me before Miss7 was even thought of! I knew there was a reason I kept it, and tonight's painting was it. I'm looking forward to doing more dragonfly paintings too.

The media used for the painting includes acrylics, oil pastels and markers. I've never done a mixed media painting before, so to experiment (carefully!) with it tonight was fun. I can't wait to do more now!

Paula xo

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  1. You ought to do more mixed media, this is really lovely:)